Cable girls - Season 2


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Cable girls 2x01

Just like every new year, everyone set goals to achieve; a personal challenge, something to be improved that he or she couldn't do in the last 12 months... But these are nothing more than simple New Year's promises. The year 1929 had just begun and we had the chance to choose how it would get underway. Would we leave our fates in the hands of justice? Or hide a body to keep enjoying our freedom? Our choice was made and all we could do was wait.

Just minutes into the new year and the promise of getting away from the dark world to which I'd belonged was up in smoke. The challenge would now be greater and the four of us would struggle together to navigate our destiny. 

Cable girls 2x02 

When I had just arrived to Madrid, at that damn train station, I was accused of a crime I didn't commit. Ten years later the story was different. This time, the crime was real. I don't know if Mario deserved to die like that or not. I don't know if things could've gone differently that night, we'll never know now... But I do know that none of us who were there on that rooftop that night deserve to be judged for protecting ourselves. 

When you cross the line between good and evil you see the world a different way. You then understand that anyone in a difficult situation can make an unexpected decision. Even the people we believe to be the most noble... And from then on, all that's left is for you to trust your own instincts. Instinct almost never fails us. At least, that's what we want to believe so we can keep feeling that things are going to be okay, and that we are still the masters of our own destiny. 

Cable girls 2x03 

They say you never forget your first love. With your first love, you have no past. There's no one else, just the two of you. And then time sometimes corrupts that pure love and makes it show its worst side, jealousy.

It was obvious that Carlos and Alex had spent the night together. Right then, I felt an inexplicable, stabbing pain... I'd never considered myself a jealous person but that day fear erupted inside me, putting me to the test. I couldn't have imagined to what degree...

Jealousy makes us say things we don't really feel. Jealousy makes us do things we never thought we'd do. Jealousy can kill. That's why, when you realize this, you have to distance yourself and not allow jealousy to keep distorting your feelings. That's the only way you'll recognize true love and be able to take a chance on it, free, without prejudices. 

Cable girls 2x04

When we've desired something for a long time it's only natural that once we get it we let ourselves go, without feeling guilty about what we've done. But deep down we're only deceiving ourselves because guilt is an infinitely powerful feeling, and one way or another, it always comes back to you. 

When you reveal what you've been hiding the guilt finally vanishes, until someone comes along and reminds you that all your actions have consequences. And sometimes, the consequences are unexpected. 

Cable girls 2x05

A long time ago I learned that some things are better kept to yourself, whatever the cost, whatever it takes. Because if those secrets come to light they may change your life completely. 

At times we remain silent because confessing means accepting our fears. Secrets protect us. And whether or not we confess them there are always consequences. Now it was time to face mine...

The good thing about secrets is that you are their sole owner, and at any time, you can take steps to change the direction of your life. Of course you can't predict the consequences this will have on others. That's why you have to be prepared for anything. 

Cable girls 2x06  

We are born alone and we die alone, that's the truth. So what's the point of sharing your life with someone? There are many other ways to feel wanted and loved without needing a man by your side. The important thing is to realize this before it's too late and to keep alive the bonds of friendship so you can lean on someone when you need to. Just like I was doing with my friends. My refuge from the bitter loneliness. 

We'd gone too far to leave our fate up to chance. Now we had to reach the end. 

Isolated the human beign is infinitely vulnerable. Pain, fear, weakness... it all grows when one is alone. That's why we have to act like a pack fighting for its survival. We must disregard our individual motivations to overcome the dangers awaiting us. 

Cable girls 2x07

People think that seizing an opportunity is like catching a train. The train only comes around once and whether you catch it depends on your luck. I on the other hand believe that opportunities are all around us and that real luck is knowing how to spot them and not let them slip away. To achieve that you have to overcome your fears and move forward. 

Recognizing an opportunity and making the most of it means facing new risks. Ultimately, you never know if your attempt to take advantage of a situation will actually complicate matters more. That's why, when you've made a decision, it's better to stop questioning yourself and just be prepared to face the consequences. 

Freedom or imprisonment. Success or failure. When you strive to accomplish something big the outcome can extend far beyond your efforts, and it can impact everybody else. 

Cable girls 2x08 

Innocence is for those whose who are free of guilt, of sin. Can someone really claim to be innocent if they are complicit and keep quiet about someone else's schemes? 

When a purely innocent being is inside you there are many reasons to keep fighting until the end. Even if that means risking your own life or facing everyone, even if you don't know whether you'll succeed. Innocence is synonym for happiness. That's why it's important to enjoy it because you never know how long it will last. There will always be someone to show you that nothing is entirely in your hands. And that life only gives you new opportunities sometimes... Life or death. Hope or despair. On the brink of death I swore if I lost my child I'd get my revenge. 


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