Cable girls - Season 1

Cable girls - Season 1

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Cable girls 1x01

In 1928, women were essentially seen as accessories to be shown off, objects unable to express an opinion or make a decision. Life wasn't easy for anyone, but it was even harder for women. If you were a woman in 1928, freedom seemed impossible to achieve because to society we were just housewives and mothers. We didn't have the right to have dreams or ambitions. To seek a future, many women had to travel far and wide and others had to confront the norms of a backward, chauvinist society. In the end, all of us, rich or poor, wanted the same thing: to be free... And if, to be free, we had to break the law, we were willing to do it, regardless of the consequences. 
Only those who fight for their dreams can achieve them, or so we thought... What we didn't know was that fate had many surprises in store for us.

Cable girls 1x02

There are moments when time seems to stand still. Instants when you remember, in barely a second, all the important moments of your life. To forget or to remember... I thought I could forget my past if I took the money. How could I be so naive? You can never forget who you are because someone always comes along to make you remember. 

Victoria taught me to forget, she taught me not to tie myself to anything I couldn't leave behind. People who think they are our friends are just people we can take advantage of when we need them before leaving them behind. That's what Victoria said. 

A heap of extremely sad stories... it never fails. And if you add some tears you can even get people to risk what they treasure most. 

I had learned to take care of myself, to avoid making friends, to abandon memories that would make me vulnerable, to forget everyone else. But I was never a good student... Nobody said that forgetting everything would be easy. Sometimes your life pursues you and you can't escape it. Maybe that's exactly the problem, trying to forget... Because the only truth is that we are our memories and each and every one of them, for better or worse, makes you the person you are. Whatever you do, no matter how much you change your life, your appearance, your name, the memories always, always stay with you. And the most important ones you can't never forget.  

Cable girls 1x03 

From a very young age, we're taught that lying is wrong, that it makes you a bad person. But that's just the first lie. Lies help us to defeat our fears. They project a tailored image of ourselves to others. In short, lies help us to survive. I'd lied many times in my life and I never felt guilt or remorse, and I always got away with it, until I decided to become Lidia Aguilar. 

Cheating is a form of lying. It's the same as not telling the truth about how you really feel. It's like covering up the truth. Sometimes, not saying anything is the best kind of lie. 

When someone lies, they should not try their luck. Especially if they were almost caught and barely managed to get away with it. 

Sometimes the only way to fight a lie is to face it. Because no one can live with their back turned to reality forever as much as they may want to. 

Lies take many forms, and they're everywhere. But why do we do it? Why do we lie, knowing that the truth could come to light? Maybe the fear of facing the truth paralyzes us. 

You need to find courage when you don't have any. But we're not always brave enough to face the truth and we stay there, motionless, waiting, unaware that, like it or not, the truth... unable to resign itself to living in the shadows always comes to light in the end. And when that happens no lie can save you. 

Cable girls 1x04

When I got to the city I let my heart guide me. I was so innocent. It wasn't long before I learned that reality was much different. What matters is that no one finds out that what really rules you is your head and not your heart. People think that those who follow their emotions can't lie. That's why, when you want to fool them, you have to convince them that things happen by chance. What they don't know is there is no such thing as chance. Then there are those who believe that only the heart knows what we really want. That it's the compass that can guide us to happiness, but it's a lie. Following your heart can make you do crazy things but it almost always ends badly. 

People who follow their emotions often let their guard down. Heart or head? Depending on which guides you, you'll suffer more or less in life. And I'd already suffered too much in mine. 

The first sign that you're following reason is that you're able to lie to those around you, and you're even able to lie to yourself. 

It takes a lot of blows to break a heart that is in love. It takes a lot of blows to make you stop seeing with your heart. But when that heart finally breaks, it can't be put back together. And form then on, only reason remains. The reason leads to distrust and from distrust to hatred there is only one step. 

And suddenly, when you think that you have everything under control, that your life is ruled by reason, someone will awaken your sleeping heart. But if you were guided by reason, you would run far away... but you can't run forever. Because the heart is alive and you can't stop it from following its path even if you know that path will end up hurting you. To think or to let yourself go? That's always the dilemma. The heart makes us dream. But it's the head that transforms dreams into reality. 

The head guides us along an orderly path, while the heart takes us into unexplored places that we never could have imagined existed. Head or heart? It's difficult to decide. 

Cable girls 1x05

Future or past? We all have to decide at some point in our lives which way we want which way we want to look. If you want to cling to the past, to stick with what you already know, or if you want to leave it behind and look toward the future. The future is scary sometimes because it's unknown. But it's also more exciting and it can make your heart beat in ways you forgot it could. 

That was the most important thing back then: that my past wouldn't be revealed... and that nobody would find out because the past can leave marks that are impossible to erase, marks that you know will be with you your whole life every time you rest your head on the pillow. Some marks remind you where you wanted to be, while others remind you where you never want to be again... but at least those can be covered up. 

When you think nothing can hurt you more new wounds open up, wounds you didn't know were there. Because when a wound you didn't know you had opens the consequences are unpredictable. That's why, before taking any steps forward, you have to make sure you're prepared. That what is past is past, and that it can't hurt you anymore.

If you manage to keep the past hidden when it was about to come to light, there's only one thing to do: try to make it disappear. you may think it can vanish like a puff of smoke into the night sky but it's not that simple. No one really knows if that smoke is the end of the fire or just the beginning. 

How simple it'd be to just live from day to day not caring about the past, the present or the future, being happy in the moment, making those around you happy, and forgetting where all come from.  Because, despite what they say, the past was not always better... But if you forgive the damage it has done to you the past will become the present and it will trap you again and won't let you escape. You have to live in the present and trust in the future. It's not easy, but who said life was? 

Cable girls 1x06

 A long time ago, I had something like a family but I lost it when I got to Madrid. The fact is, street girls like me have always dreamed of having the perfect family. But apart from blood what else blinds a family? What is behind that facade of perfection? Because every family has secrets... And when they have secrets it's just a matter of time before the perfect family is shattered.

Treachery destroys even the greatest of unions. Feeling that someone you love, a friend, a lover or a son is doing something behind your back has only one possible outcome, and it isn't a happy one. Trust is earned day by day but it's lost in an instant like a glass of water spilled on the floor. 

They say that blood is thicker than water, that the ties that bind you to your family are unbreakable but we don't choose our families. We're condemned to love our family, even if they disappoint us, even if they don't understand us, even if they make us suffer. 
You can try breaking away from your family, leaving them behind... but it isn't so easy. Family is always there for you if they really love you. There is only one way to break the sacred bond that ties you to your family, just one...

Cable girls 1x07

What do you do when you are going to lose what you love most, when a piece of your heart is about to be torn away? If you're willing to lose everything you don't care how far you might fall. But if you're not, even the shortest fall will seem endless. Some people are willing to lose their freedom for those they love, even if it means delivering their souls to the devil. There are others, however, who are not willing to miss their chance to be happy. The truth is, you never know how much you love something until you lose it. It happened to me with Francisco, with Jimena, and I didn't want it to happen to me again. 

Sometimes it is worth lying to avoid losing those you love most. The only thing that matters is that they don't find out, because if they do, you will lose them forever and you will end up alone. 

People will do anything to avoid losing what they desire. This sometimes leads us to do the unimaginable. And it can push us to the edge, even if that wasn't our intention. But losing everything doesn't matter if, in the end, you manage to be happy. Being happy is the only thing that matters. 

Cable girls 1x08

In life, there are always decisions to be made. Sometimes, they are small and insignificant, others are huge and can change everything forever. A yes or no could mean a life full of happiness or disgrace. Because when you can't have everything you have to choose. And when you choose, there's always the fear that you'll make a mistake. 

Which is the right decision? How do you know you're not making a mistake? Sometimes, the best option is to leave everything as it is. 

Love is many emotions. When you fall in love you can discover things about others that you didn't know before or things about yourself that show you that you are trapped in the wrong body. Sometimes the love of your life stops being your friend and becomes your worst enemy, and you have to stay with him again in order to keep your loved ones safe. 

Love or friendship. At times, I wonder why we have to choose. Why must they be separated if friendship is simply another kind of love?    

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